pearl-in-shellHidden deep down in the ocean, among the pebbles are the oysters bearing precious pearls. If one considers them to be worthless stones and bothers not to look among them, one will not discover the prized pearl. By searching among those very stones, those very pebbles, one will find that special oyster bearing its peerless prize.

Similarly, if one spots a fake Shaykh dressed in the garb of the Ahlullah, do not make the mistake of thinking that whoever is to be found in that garb are all the same. Search among them and Insha Allah, you will find hidden among those stones the pearl you seek. Among those fakes, you will find the hidden Sahib-e-nisbat who is worthy of praise among the multitudes of mankind.

Lessons from the Mathnawi
Shaykh Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar (Raheemahullah)


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