waves-in-colourIn the beginning when drilling for water, you will find only sand and drilling is easy. Then when you strike a boulder, more strength is necessary. After continuous drilling the water will gush forth but mixed with sand. After more effort clear water will spring fourth benefitting many. A person who gives up will not reach the clear water.

Similarly, when we wish to eradicate addictions be they women, drugs or any other impermissible pleasures, the first few steps are not difficult. It is when  we “hit the boulder” that we will feel the pain (of giving up). However with more effort finally such water of the love of Allah subhaanahu wata’ala will gush forth that not only will we find tranquillity but many, many others will too.

The waves are never ending, they’re going on and on.

This love for my Allah, there is no shore to it.

(The ocean of love has no shore)

Do not give up!

Shaykh Yunus Patel (Raheemahullah)


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