lanternMaulana Jalaluddeen Rumi says that the light of the ‘lamp of life’ is very weak and dim. Along with this, the “winds of death” are constantly blowing and could extinguish the ‘lamp of life’ at any time.

In the violent storm of death, The lamp of life burns away.

Therefore, make an effort to attain the lamp of the love of Allah in your heart so that when the lamp of this temporary life is extinguished, the everlasting, emergency lights of Allah Ta’ala ignite from within. The example of this is like the electricity that went off a minute ago and the generator caused the lights to turn on.

The winds are strong and the lamp is weak, Quickly we must find another lamp.

The lamp is weak and the winds are blowing furiously. O people of the world! Quickly make an effort in lighting another lamp. Jalaludeen is not a fool! Through the blessing of Shaikh Shamsudeen Tabrezi, I have lit the lamp of Allah’s Nisbah by adopting the Sunnah and by abstaining from sins.

Maulana Rumi says that when death approaches and the eyes close, the divine lamp of Allah’s love is immediately set alight in the hearts of the Auliya just as the generator is turned on and the lights immediately came back. When the eyes close from this temporary life then all the buildings, bungalows, luxurious cars, business dealings and beautiful women will come to an end. We will all have to leave this world one day.


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