tree-and-storm-2Once while travelling to a remote area in a horse drawn cart, the driver of the cart suddenly stopped in a wide stretch of wilderness and instructed the travellers to get off and take shelter from a violent storm for which the area was well known. In this storm even heavy objects were known to be lifted and dropped elsewhere.

Dr Muhammad ‘Abdul Hayy ‘Aarifi (Raheemahullah) related that I was about to take shelter by the side of a tree when the driver screamed at us saying that in such a storm massive trees are known to fall and it was extremely dangerous. His advice was to lie down on the ground, face down. We acted on this and lay down while the storm raged around us uprooting trees and hillocks. Throughout the raging storm we lay without a single hair of ours moving out of place. When the storm ended there was serenity and we continued with our journey.

Dr Sahib says that there was a great lesson in the incident,

 “Safety from the storms of time does not lie in seeking out heights, but lies rather in adopting humility and servitude in the form of placing one’s forehead on the ground”.

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