kabahIf His command is to perform salaat on time at home, we obey, and if He commands the Hujjaaj to delay Maghrib salaat on the day of Arafat till the time of Isha, we obey.

If His command prohibits us to worship or revere a stone, we obey, and if He commands us to circumambulate the brick building (Ka’bah) and kiss the Black Stone on one of the corners of the Ka’bah (Hajare Aswad), we obey.

We are slaves of Allah Ta’ala

Our maqsad (objective) is not the stone, our maqsad is the Creator of the stone.

The lesson learnt from the story of Ibraaheem AS is that the objective was not the slaying of his son Ismaa’eel. The objective was whether or not Ibraaheem AS accepted the command of slaying his son.

Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat


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