images-1-881x551“Man ‘arafa nafsahu faqad ‘arafa Rabbahu”

Whosoever knows himself, knows his Lord

How to attain self recognition?

Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat explains,

It is Muhaasabah (Self-assessment) which leads to self recognition and one who recognises one’s self, recognises Allah and this is the first step to rectification. As one’s own faults and evils become apparent, one will drown in humility.

An Urdu Poet says,

Thi jab apne ‘uyub se be khabar, rahe dekhte auron ke aib-o-hunar, Pari apni buraion par jo nazar, tau nigah mein koi buraa na rahaa.

When I was unaware of my own faults, my vision was on the faults of others, Once my sight fell upon my own evils, in my sight there remained none worse than me

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