then-flee-to-allah“Then flee towards Allah”

فَفِرُّوْا اِلى الله

[Qur’an 51:50]

Regarding this verse Allama Alousi (Raheemahullah)said,

That one flees away from all besides Allah ta’ala towards Allah ta’ala

Ibn ‘Abbaas RA said,

Flee to Allah by repenting from your sins.

And it was narrated that he said,

Flee from Him to Him, and strive to obey Him.

Imam al-Tabari (Raheemahullah) said:

Allah says: Flee, O people, from the punishment of Allah to His Mercy by believing in Him, following His commands and striving to obey Him.

Shaykh Hakeem Akhtar (Raheemahullah) says,

By revealing  فَفِرُّوْا اِلى الله   Allah ta’ala has granted two forms of pleasure to His lovers. One is fleeing towards Allah ta’ala while the other is total closeness to Allah ta’ala. A person experiences special enjoyment when he runs towards Allah ta’ala.

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