stars2A heart full of sorrow and regret, eyes flowing with tears …suddenly, from the unseen, the force of Jazb pulls the heart towards Allah!

When on the earth there fell my tears, in the heavens rose the star of my bondage

Words above taken from a story in Ma-aarif-E-Mathnavi of a man with a melodious voice who used to play a harp during the Caliphate of Hazrat Umar (RA.), the beauty of which was such that it greatly affected everyone, even the birds and animals used to gather to listen to him.

Then with age as his voice gradually became less attractive and people then ignored him, he lost his fame and popularity. He began to experience the solitude of being unknown, and as a result started feeling pangs of starvation and hunger. In grief he turns to Allah.

Read story and Mawlana Rumi’s (Raheemahullah) words here 

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