laa-ilaah illallaah-colourThis is about an incident of a saint who went into a state of ecstasy on overhearing a child’s words.

A child demanded to accompany his father to the bazar. The father gave in to his persistence and picked him up. The mother scolded the child saying he had no mercy on his aged father. At this the child said, “Amma! Besides him who else do I have?”

What flashed in the mind of the saint at the child’s words was,

Laa-ilaaha illallaah! There is only Him! In the whole world there is no other deity, no other objective, no other existence, no other presence, no other object of love, besides Him!

The ecstasy the saint felt was the result of the condition of his heart! His vision was directed to Laa-ilaaha illallaah! So when making dhikr of Laa-ilaaha illallaah with the above concept, see how much delight and enjoyment you find in your dhikr, then see what is produced in your heart!

From Majlis-e-Maseehulummat by Shaykh Ismail Mangera

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