stone on waterSuch is the state of those whose hearts are entrenched with the Being of Allah ta’ala, that He comes to mind no matter what statements others make!

One early morning an old woman recited a few words as she grinded some corn,

“See the trick played by the river, the leaf sinks and the stone floats”

Shah Abdul Quddus Gangohi (Raheemahullaah) heard them and went into a state of ecstasy/rapture as the old woman’s words reminded him of verses in the Qur’an [Surah Al-Qaari’ah 6-9]:

“Then, as for him whose scales are heavy (with good works), he will live a pleasant life. But as for him whose scales are light, the Bereft and Hungry One will be his mother.”

A leaf being light, should float and a stone being heavy, should sink.

Whosoever’s weight (in the scales) will be heavy, will float away into Jannah (Paradise). But whosoever’s weight will be light, will sink into Jahannam (Hell)

Adapted from Majlis-e-Maseehulummat by Shaykh Ismail Mangera

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