Allah SWTA person generally purchases material commodities from a shop. Groceries are purchased from a supermarket; clothing from a clothing store, jewellery from a jewellery shop and so forth.

In order to obtain these material commodities, the buyer will have to give a certain amount of money in return for his goods. This is a transaction which is most common in the business world.

There is also a transaction in the spiritual world where special commodities may be purchased : The commodities of the Ma`rifat (Recognition of Allah Ta’ala), Ishq (Love for Allah Ta’ala), Qurb (Nearness to Allah Ta’ala), Nisbat (Connection with Allah) and so forth which are generously available, for all.

However these special commodities of the ‘Ma’rifat (recognition) and Ishq of Allah Ta’ala are such….Read Here

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