rainbow coloursShaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat, while talking about engaging the tongue in the remembrance of Allah ta’ala instead of mixing with people, and talking too much, mentioned a couplet Allamah Humaydi (Raheemahullah) used to recite,

Meeting (and mingling) with people holds no benefit besides a jabber of idle talk. Hence lessen mingling with others except for two things;

Acquiring ‘ilm or to impart ‘ilm and to rectify your spiritual condition or to rectify the spiritual condition of others

Shaykh Muhammad Saleem (Hafidhahullah) elaborated,

When meeting anyone it should be as either a Muta’allim (student) or a Mu’allim (teacher), a Muballigh (one who coveys the message of Allah ta’ala) or a Muballagh (one to whom the message of Allah ta’ala is being conveyed) and a Murabbi (one who nurtures spiritually) or a Murabbaa (one who is being spiritually nurtured).

Therefore meet people only for the sake of Deen otherwise refrain.

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