sajdahA person once belittled his own act of prostration saying, “What is the reality of our sajdah? It is nothing more than a joke. The heart and mind are filled with filthy thoughts. What will be achieved by placing the forehead on the ground in such a state?”

Dr ‘Abdul Hayy ‘Aarifi (Raheemahullah) asked, “Can this sajdah, impure and filthy though it may be, ever be made before me?” On a negative reply he continued,

“If this sajdah is so impure and filthy and without any importance, why can it not be made before a being as filthy and impure as myself? Since this forehead can prostrate to none besides Allah, then your prostration was actually for none besides Allah. So firstly express gratitude for the fact that Allah has given you the tawfeeq for even such a sajdah because there are many souls who are deprived of this. Thereafter seek forgiveness for whatever shortcomings you discover within yourself in this regard. Beware of ever considering prostration before Allah as useless and wasted”.

He then recited a couplet which meant:

If by prostrating the forehead nothing is attained….then “nothing” is fine. How can anyone ever leave the threshold of the Beloved?

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