-silver-glitter-The exemplary scholar and saint of the salaf, Sufyan ibn Uyaynah, once said:


مَن كانتْ معصيتُه في الشَّهوةِ فارْجُ لهُ، ومَن كانتْ معصيتُه في الكِبرِ، فاخْشَ عليهِ فإنَّ آدمَ عَصى مُشتَهِيًا، فغُفِرَ لهُ وإبليسُ عَصى مُتكَبِّرًا فلُعِنَ.

Whoever sins due to a desire, have hope for him; but whoever sins out of pride, fear for him. For Adam disobeyed out of a desire and was forgiven, while Iblis disobeyed from pride and was cursed.

Cited in al-Dhahabi, Siyar ‘Alam al-Nubala


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