Fragrance of Musk

heart-sahped-bottle“The nature of the Ahlullaah (friends of Allah) is like that of fragrance which floats in the atmosphere due to which all those around cannot help but be perfumed.”

Come, let us be seekers on the path of Tazkiyah (Purification of the heart) in the company of those with purified hearts, illuminated with the love of Allah ta’ala and His beloved Rasool sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam.

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Path to Reaching Allah تعالى

muhammadJunaid al-Baghdadi (raheemahullah), said:

No one has reached Allah except through Allah. And the path to reaching Allah is following the Chosen One, al-Mustafa, Sallallahu ‘alaihi Wasallam

“Say, if you love Allah, then follow me and Allah will love you and forgive you your sins.” [3:31]


Acceptance lies in Actions being Sincere & Correct

flowerRajab al-Hanbali (Raheemahullah) mentioned that the great Sufi, Fudayl ibn al-`Iyad (Raheemahullah) explained Allah’s words,

“That He may test which of you is best in action” [Qur’an, 67:2] by saying,

That is, who is sincere in it and correct in it. And the action that is sincere but incorrect is not accepted. And if it is correct and insincere then it is also not accepted. It is only accepted when it is both sincere and correct. And it is only sincere when it is for the sake of Allah Most High, and correct when it is done according to the sunnah.

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Light the Lamps of the Road

lighted roadWith regard to “holding the hand of Saints”, a poet describes as to how Allah ta’ala  opens up the road;

My journey has become easy now that the winds have changed their direction. The lamps of the road have lit up now that I have held your hand.

When one “holds the hand” of a pious person, i.e. when he surrenders himself for reformation under the guidance of a qualified spiritual mentor i.e. a Shaykh, then it becomes easy for him to conform to the Sunnah and the Shar’iah, as well as to abstain from sins.

Swimming in the Sea of Reason & Intellect

ship2Maulana Rumi (R.A.) says: “It is completely useless to swim about in the sea of Reason and intellect. There is need for the ship of Nabi Nooh (A.S.)  i.e. The help of the friends of Allah. Look how Nabi Nooh’s (A.S.) son, Kan’aan, depended on Reason alone saying: “The high mountains shall save me from this storm”. He considered the ark of Nabi Nooh (A.S.) as being despicable. The result was that the ship was saved during the deluge and reached the high mountain while Kan’aan was drowned.

Maulana Rumi (R.A.) says:

“When you do not look with proper sight, then you look upon the love and company of the saintly ones and their obedience i.e. their ship as despicable, and you look upon your imitation of the people of Europe as the high mountains of Intellect and Reason. But, beware, do not look upon this ship as being of no value and a thing to be despised.

The power of Allah is such that with one wave, He can turn the ship upside down. But the ship which travels in the shadow of Allah’s Mercy, in spite of its outward weakness and the evil intention of Shaytaan, it will pass through all the trials in safety.

Ma’arife-e-Mathnawi. Full article here

The “Ahh” of the Bleeding Heart

bleeding-heart-Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi (Raheemahullah) mentions the exceptional stage reached by those who adopt patience in abstaining from fulfilling their evil desires;

On subscribing to sabr (patience) and sacrifice, the ‘Ahh’ which continually and invariably issues forth from that ‘bleeding’ heart transports one to the supreme and absolute stage of Wilaayat.

Maulana Rumi (Raheemahullah) says, “Those who resort to Sabr on the Path of Allah have acquired the Wilaayat of the Siddiqeen”

When the Sun Rises

sunriseShaykh Yusnu Patel (Raheemahullah) presents a wonderful analogy. He asks,

“When does the sun rise?” And then he, himself, gives the reply: “When the horizon turns red.”

Then he continues to describe the spiritual condition of the heart in the same light :

When the heart turns red with the blood of one’s evil desires which have been sacrificed for the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala, then Allah Ta’ala causes not just one ‘sun’ but many ‘suns’ of His Muhabbat (Love) and Ma’rifat (Recognition) to rise in such a heart.

The sun of this world has restrictions : It neither lights up the entire world at once, nor is its heat always the same. Moreover, whilst it brings light and warmth as it rises; it inevitably sets, leaving behind darkness.

The ‘suns’ of Allah’s love rises within the heart and lights it up. These ‘suns’ do not set unless the person becomes a persistent sinner, without Taubah (repentance). Added to this, the one in whose heart, the ‘suns’ of Allah’s love and ma’rifat have risen, will generate such light that will in turn light up the hearts of people all over the world.

The pain endured by the heart brings in its wake, happiness, satisfaction, the noor of Imaan and the sweetness of Imaan. In fact, the sorrow of the heart on this path of Divine Love is the very envy of happiness. Such a person is blessed with the companionship of Allah Ta’ala, for Allah Ta’ala says : ‘I am with those of broken hearts.’


Be like Dust!

space2Man is a bondsman (slave) of Allah, an ‘abd’.

In the word ‘abd’, the meaning of humility and a distressed state are included. Hence for someone to be an ‘abd’ (slave of Allah) and at the same time to have in him pride or arrogance, is a contradiction and the cause of great loss.

Allah has created you from dust, hence a bondsman,
Adopt an attitude of meekness and humility like dust.


Scattered Pieces of Glass

breaking glassWhen a glass breaks, the sound of breaking disappears in mere moments, but the glass pieces are scattered all over, hurting whoever walks over it.

Similarly, when you say something that hurts someone’s emotions and feelings, your words disappear, but the pain in the heart remains for a long time.

Therefore, before uttering any statement, remember the nine advises and prohibitions that Allah Ta’ala has given in Surah Hujuraat…read more here

Counter the Assault of Shaytaan

Allah in goldWhen a person resolves to become a special friend of Allāh ta’ala, Shayṭān responds by making him sin in an attempt to convince him that he cannot achieve his goal. When this happens:

Counter the assault of Shayṭān with tawbah and then continue towards your goal.

Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat

Out of the Pitch Darkness of Ignorance

QuranYou should know that the duty to the Book of Allah (The Qur’an) entails practicing on its injunctions, be they commands or prohibitions, fearing its warnings, having hope in its promises, believing in its allegorical verses and taking admonition from its parables.

If you do this, you would have come out of the pitch darkness of ignorance towards the light of knowledge, and from the torment of doubts to the comfort of conviction

Allah jalllajalaaluhu says;
ٱللَّهُ وَلِىُّ ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُوا۟ يُخْرِجُهُم مِّنَ ٱلظُّلُمَٰتِ إِلَى ٱلنُّورِ

Allah is the helper of the Believers, He removes them from the pit of darkness towards light

From “The Sunnah way of the Sufis”