Fragrance of Musk

heart-sahped-bottle“The nature of the Ahlullaah (friends of Allah) is like that of fragrance which floats in the atmosphere due to which all those around cannot help but be perfumed.”

Come, let us be seekers on the path of Tazkiyah (Purification of the heart) in the company of those with purified hearts, illuminated with the love of Allah ta’ala and His beloved Rasool sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam.

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Beware of Claiming Greatness

al-MutakabbirWhen anyone makes the claim that he is great, he inevitably faces humiliation and ruin.

Allah Ta’ala said:

Pride is My cloak and Greatness is My garment; so whoever competes with Me regarding these two will be thrown into the Hellfire [Sunan Abu Daud]

Take a lesson from the tree:

When laden with fruit, the branches bend in humility. If they have to show their “greatness” they will snap or break.

Similarly, when a slave of Allah Ta’ala tries to show his greatness and independence, he ‘breaks’…

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Remember Allah & He will Remember you

flowersAs is mentioned in the Glorious Qur’an, the Dhikr (Remembrance) of Allah Ta’ala causes one’s mention in the court of Allah Ta’ala.

فَاذْكُرُونِي أَذْكُرْكُمْ

” Remember Me, and I will remember you.” (2:152)

Sufi Abu Uthman once claimed that he knew the time when Allah remembered His servants. The listeners grew curious as to how he could determine this. He replied,

According to the promise made in the Holy Qur’an, when a Muslim remembers Allah, He too remembers him, and thus everyone can know for himself that as soon as he turns to Allah and remembers Him, Allah too remembers him

Entranced by the Burning Light

moth_to_flame_4b6af4abe4fadWritten by a dear friend:

Yesterday the electricity vanished. Naturally, a candle was lit.

As I stared at the candle I noticed a moth began a frantic flight around the flame until it finally flew right into the fire and perished. I was suddenly reminded of something small I wrote a year or two ago.

Oh Allah!

Let me be the similitude of a moth

Ever entranced by the burning light

Always returning, always coming closer

Until finally consumed by that very light

Easy & Effective Formula to Develop a Special Link with Allah تعالى

snowflakeIn former times great sacrifices and strivings (mujahadah) were undergone for the islah of the nafs (rectification of the self) which nowadays people cannot undergo, due to not having that courage.

Dr. ‘Abd al-Hayy ‘Arifi (Raheemahullah) has shown an extremely concise, but very effective formula which consists of four a’mal (actions).  They are the core of Shar’iah and Tariqah, easy to practice upon, does not cost money, time or effort and the person who makes these four things a habit, will develop a special link with Allah ta’ala. He will experience its benefits during his life and the heart will be conducive towards islah (reformation). Eventually he will reach such a stage that even if he wishes to commit sin, he will be unable to do so. They are:

[1] Shukr (gratitude)

[2] Sabr (patience)

[3] Istighfar (seeking repentance)

[4] Isti’adhah (seeking refuge)

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A Saintly Woman’s Heartfelt Concern

fire_and_water_by_santijoel-d6eoqhyA saintly woman by the name of  Raabi’ah Basriyyah (Also known as Raabi’ah Adawiyyah), was once seen walking the streets carrying a pail of water in one hand and a fire in the other. On being asked the reason she replied,

I wish I could burn the gardens of Jannat with this fire and put out the fire of Jahannam with this water. Then people will worship Allah subhaanahu wata’ala for His pleasure alone and not for entry into Jannat or for safety from the fire of Jahannam


Martyrdom of the Heart

shining sunMany are those who have not attained martyrdom by being slain but are perpetually slain by the sword of giving up their base desires.

Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thanwi (Raheemahullah) has written in the commentary of Surah Baqarah that those who do not act upon their lewd and base desires, those who cast them underfoot and trample them will, in the court of Allah Ta’ala, be invested with the rank of martyrdom. Their martyrdom is confined to the heart. They have shed the blood of their desires which is not witnessed by the world. Their recompense on the Day of Resurrection will be a magnificent marvel.

My wounded heart will become a brilliantly shining  sun,

Though tons of soil be flung upon it.

Some will fill their graves with tons of soil, but the wounds that the hearts of the Ahlullah were afflicted with due to pleasing their Lord  will emit a brilliant radiance similar to the sun.

From “Tajalliat-e-Jazb” by Shaykh Hakeem Akhtar (Raheemahullah)


Tears of Worth

stars2A heart full of sorrow and regret, eyes flowing with tears …suddenly, from the unseen, the force of Jazb pulls the heart towards Allah!

When on the earth there fell my tears, in the heavens rose the star of my bondage

Words above taken from a story in Ma-aarif-E-Mathnavi of a man with a melodious voice who used to play a harp during the Caliphate of Hazrat Umar (RA.), the beauty of which was such that it greatly affected everyone, even the birds and animals used to gather to listen to him.

Then with age as his voice gradually became less attractive and people then ignored him, he lost his fame and popularity. He began to experience the solitude of being unknown, and as a result started feeling pangs of starvation and hunger. In grief he turns to Allah.

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The Inner & Outer Dimension of our Deeds

ikhlasEvery act of worship has a double dimension, the outer, physical act and the inner state of the heart.

In Salaah the outer, physical actions are the Qiyaam (Standing position), Ruku’ (Bowing), Sajdah (Prostration) etc.  while the inner dimension of the Salaah is the Khushoo’ (Concentration),  Khudhu’ (Humility) and Ikhlaas (Sincerity). In the act of giving Zakat there is the outer action of giving the money to the recipient and then there is the inner action of making an intention of giving the Zakat solely for the pleasure of Allah ta’ala.

For any deed to be accepted it is necessary for both the outer and the inner to be correct. It is similar to a clock with its dials and inner machinery. Both are necessary for the time to be displayed. If the dials are beautifully decorated with jewels while the inner machinery is defective or if the inner machinery is of a high quality while the dials are defective, the time will not be displayed.

One can rectify the outer actions by consultation with an expert i.e. a qualified Scholar of jurisprudence. For the inner self to be rectified and purified (which is more difficult) i.e. to remove pride and develop humility, to remove greed and develop generosity,  one needs to consult with a qualified Shaykh of Tasawwuf.

This in essence, is the path of Sulook or Tazkiyah, the path of purification of the heart.

From the Majlis of Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat

Flee towards Allah تعالى

then-flee-to-allah“Then flee towards Allah”

فَفِرُّوْا اِلى الله

[Qur’an 51:50]

Regarding this verse Allama Alousi (Raheemahullah)said,

That one flees away from all besides Allah ta’ala towards Allah ta’ala

Ibn ‘Abbaas RA said,

Flee to Allah by repenting from your sins.

And it was narrated that he said,

Flee from Him to Him, and strive to obey Him.

Imam al-Tabari (Raheemahullah) said:

Allah says: Flee, O people, from the punishment of Allah to His Mercy by believing in Him, following His commands and striving to obey Him.

Shaykh Hakeem Akhtar (Raheemahullah) says,

By revealing  فَفِرُّوْا اِلى الله   Allah ta’ala has granted two forms of pleasure to His lovers. One is fleeing towards Allah ta’ala while the other is total closeness to Allah ta’ala. A person experiences special enjoyment when he runs towards Allah ta’ala.